Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another Shot ... at Blogging

It's been since August since i've updated here. I try so hard and then fail, but not this time. I'm sticking it to it.
Since August, we've been so busy. FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL. but after a very fun season, it's over.
My boys team went undefeated and lost in the final playoff game. They were so awesome and i'm super proud of him. I'm already looking forward to the future and the days I get to sport his professional jersey.. hahaha.. Hey a mom can dream big too.

Destiny is now 3, as of September and she is Queen of her own little fantasy land. She's good at it too, they all love her and noone talks back. Her brothers aren't allowed there.

Ezekiel... oh my boy... my boy. He's 100% boy, big trucks and loud noise. Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog tails.. He'll be 2 soon, so we're planning his bday party.

Thanksgiving.. can't wait for the yummy food, my family together and the great laughs we'll all have.. then Disney.. We're taking the little ones to Disney for the first time. They are going to just love it. I'm so excited for them.