Wednesday, March 24, 2010

He's Growing up

My oldest son is 10, going on 11 in May. He's been my baby boy all this time. I was a single parent with him for 6 years until my wonderful pain in the butt hubby came along. I made sure to ALWAYS be there for him and never make him feel bad for only having one parent... I was raised by mom and at times I was would be jealous of friends who had daddy's.. but my mom was awesome. So I tried so hard to be equally awesome. So anyway. Ray J has always been a good kid. Never did anything wrong and is a wonderful student. He's never put himself in harms way, so I've never had to worry about him.. But my little boy is growing up. He is making up his own mind and choosing sports he likes and wants to do. (I put him in dance when he was 3 and he's been doing it since). He decided earlier this year that he no longer wants to dance but he wants to try out new sports. He's been doing soccer for 2 years now and he's a good goalie.. well now. IT"S FOOTBALL. AAAAAAAHHHHHHH is all I can think. I mean I love football, we are huge fans of the sport, but the thought of my son playing.. getting hit.. OUCH!!. Of course I can't stop him, I have to let him make his choices and support him all the ways, so we say YES. He had his first tryout yesterday (3/23). He did so good. Coaches were rough, yelling and making them sweat. All I could think, is HEY LEAVE HIM ALONE.. but i kept my cool and sat back and watched. When practice was over he was super excited. Said one of the coaches said he likes his size and is looking forward to putting him as a lineman... AAAAAAHHHHHHhh..
Well here we go, our journey begins. He's making up his own mind and I hope and pray that they are always good decisions. I know football isn't a big deal but it's the first time he has decided on his own that its what he wants to do. (i lied he chose soccer but that isn't a rough sport and he's bigger than most of those boys... this time. He looks little compared to some of them)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunday Afternoons

Today was an amazing Sunday. Hasn't been great like this in a LONG time.
We didn't make it to church, which was bad... but we prayed and thanked the Lord for a beautiful day. We had brunch and did a little shopping (diapers). Then
drove to visit family. We celebrated my Uncle and Cousins birthdays. Good food, lots of family and tons of laughs. So amazing. The kids played, the adults chatted and BS'd like always. My cousin had a water bed to be emptied out and used today as a perfect day to put the men to work, lured them in with food and beer.. and made them do a little work. LOL.
Some of us stayed longer than others, some friends showed up and we talked about the old days. So funny to hear how life has changed for so many of us. Once upon a time we said, we'd NEVER get married and have kids and now, we all have a ring around that finger and little ones that control everything we do.
We use to talk about the latest gossip and now we talk about the cartoons our kids have us watching. I wish I knew where my paper I wrote in High School was, when it asked me WHERE I SAW MYSELF IN 10 YEARS... i know it didn't say, watching sprout with 2 beautiful babies... but i'm sooo happy that I am. I love my family. I love my hubby and I THANK GOD EVERDAY FOR MY BLESSINGS.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Potty Training

We are in the middle of potty training the our 2 year old. It is the most challenging thing as a parent so far. My oldest is 10 years old, potty training him was a breeze. I think mostly because he had fun sinking the cheerios. BOYS!!. Well now, the challenge is the girl. We've been trying since she turned 2 in September. She just wasn't having it. She would kick and scream when we pulled out the potty. According to her, it was "SCARY". So we kind of just left it alone for a little bit.
Lately I've been noticing that she could go a full day without going pee pee, but when she goes, she leaks thru and it's nasty. We have other friends who are doing the same thing we are doing. One of her friends, decided she's ready and has been using the potty for the past 2 days. I told my daughter that her friend is already doing it and she said ::"She's not scared?" So i said, NOPE, SHE'S A BIG GIRL... so she decided to give a try. I sat her down today while watching her favorite show... DORA. and she did it. She was so super excited about it. We danced and sang and gave high fives. She called daddy at work and she called her Nina (godmother). Both gave her so many praises and told her that they had a special gift got her. So now, she's been in her panties all day and says, MOMMY I GO POTTY, I GET STICKERS. Oh man, i hope this is it. I hope she will keep it up. YAY my baby girl.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Our Menu This Week

Lately I feel like all we've been eating is Pizza. I get sick of Pizza and the boys love it. It's hard to plan a menu when you have picky eaters, allergies and lots of dislikes. This week is a simple one.

Monday - Speghetti w/Meatballs
Tuesday- Baked Chicken w/Ham Gravy, Baked Zuccinni, Mashed Potatoes
Wednesday- Sheperd's Pie and Corn on the cob
Thursday- Shredded Beef Flautas, Rice and Beans
Friday - Chipotle Shrimp Burritos

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Starting Over

I had to cancel my other blog because it got some kind of weird virus. Thats not good. That is what happens when someone is not so computer smart. UGH. Luckily my awesome friend Monica was able to fix it all for me. YAY MONICA.
So here I am starting over.
No biggie, my last one was kind of slow, since I really didn't write much all the time.
My kids keep me on my toes, one would think I had tons to write.
Our family consist of 3 kids, 10, 2 and 1. One Dog. 2 Wacky Parents who wish our kids came with instruction manuals. Everyday is something new with all of them.
We are getting ready for Football tryouts, Soccer sign ups and looking for a new dance group to join. Potty Training, Rocking Pageants, and learning our ABC's and 123. Climbing tables, learning sign language and torturing the dog.
Just a normal day in my life.