Wednesday, March 24, 2010

He's Growing up

My oldest son is 10, going on 11 in May. He's been my baby boy all this time. I was a single parent with him for 6 years until my wonderful pain in the butt hubby came along. I made sure to ALWAYS be there for him and never make him feel bad for only having one parent... I was raised by mom and at times I was would be jealous of friends who had daddy's.. but my mom was awesome. So I tried so hard to be equally awesome. So anyway. Ray J has always been a good kid. Never did anything wrong and is a wonderful student. He's never put himself in harms way, so I've never had to worry about him.. But my little boy is growing up. He is making up his own mind and choosing sports he likes and wants to do. (I put him in dance when he was 3 and he's been doing it since). He decided earlier this year that he no longer wants to dance but he wants to try out new sports. He's been doing soccer for 2 years now and he's a good goalie.. well now. IT"S FOOTBALL. AAAAAAAHHHHHHH is all I can think. I mean I love football, we are huge fans of the sport, but the thought of my son playing.. getting hit.. OUCH!!. Of course I can't stop him, I have to let him make his choices and support him all the ways, so we say YES. He had his first tryout yesterday (3/23). He did so good. Coaches were rough, yelling and making them sweat. All I could think, is HEY LEAVE HIM ALONE.. but i kept my cool and sat back and watched. When practice was over he was super excited. Said one of the coaches said he likes his size and is looking forward to putting him as a lineman... AAAAAAHHHHHHhh..
Well here we go, our journey begins. He's making up his own mind and I hope and pray that they are always good decisions. I know football isn't a big deal but it's the first time he has decided on his own that its what he wants to do. (i lied he chose soccer but that isn't a rough sport and he's bigger than most of those boys... this time. He looks little compared to some of them)

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