Monday, April 12, 2010

Birthday Fun

This is a week late, but I'm posting now.

I had the most awesome birthday party ever. The last time I had a big party was for my 15th, my quinceanera. But that party was mostly my moms friends since most of mine couldn't do anything.

Well I turned 30 on April 2nd, and decided to have a party that would take us back into time. I had an 80's party. I dressed up as Punky Brewster, my daughter was a Michael Jackson fan, combed her hair to the side (side ponytail) and scrunched her socks over her pants. Soo cute.

Decorations included some old games like Rockem Sockem Boppers, Wooley Willy and Connect Four. I had a Rainbow Bright snow globe on my table and some My Little Pony's. I hung Cassette tape from the car port (outside party). We had a DJ set up in the garage, strobe light and all. My friends dressed up so crazy, i loved seeing them all. And the best part of a birthday, the cake, was Rainbow Bright. Thanks to all my friends for making this soooo much fun.

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