Friday, April 23, 2010

What we do when we dont have kids.

We were able to get away a few day without our babies. I was having a hard time accepting that they won't be with us, because only bad mommys get excited... lol. Oh man, did it feel good. I love my babies but everyone once in awhile its great to get away. A group of friends got together and we went camping. We took our oldest, 10 yrs old, so he can have some time away from the crying and stinky diapers of the babies. We had such a great time. Sitting by the camp fire, fighting off killer mosquitos and laughing our happy hearts off. I think we burnt off a few hundred calories with all the laughing we did.
It was a great weekend.. but I was so glad to be home with my babies. To see how happy they were when we walked thru the door was the greatest feeling ever. It'll be a long time before we leave them like that again, but this weekend was worth it all.
Parents.. if you ever think.. OH WE NEED TO GET AWAY, JUST DO IT. ITS RELAXING.

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