Sunday, May 2, 2010

What's New

We've added a new member to our family. His name is Charlie. We don't know what he is yet because he still so little but we're thinking Golden Retriever or Yellow Lab. My friend Betty found him abondoned at a school. He was alone and cold. She wanted to keep him for her own family but they already have 3 pets so her hubby said NO. She new we had been looking for a new puppy for our son Ezekiel. Destiny has a Chihuahua who is very true to her and Ezekiel needs a big play buddy, as rough as he is.
Betty asked that we keep the name that her son had already given him. We agreed since he was having such a hard time parting with sweet Charlie. Charlie is one of those dogs that you just fall in love with at first sight. He is very loveable and likes to play. His first time here with us, he cuddled into my neck and fell asleep. We made him a bed and he took to it right away. He doesn't cry or whine. He eats, sleeps and poops like a typical baby. He is already potty training himself. He wakes up, walks to his food, Eats and walks to the back door. We let him out, he does his business, comes back inside and goes back to bed. He is soo adorable. I know the cuteness only last for a little while because soon Charlie will be a big dog, tearing up our shoes and driving us crazy. But crazy is what we're use to, so we accept with open arms and an open heart. i'm so happy we were able to take in this wonderful little friend of ours.
We love you Charlie.

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