Tuesday, May 18, 2010


My babyboy, isn't a baby anymore. Saturday May 15th, he turned 11. The whole week that led to his bday he would say to me, "I'M GONNA BE A PRE-TEEN MOM". A pre-teen, what exactly is a pre-teen. According to my son, it's a child who's "ALMOST" a teenager.
WOW, they have a name for it. Is it like preparing them for the attitude change from sweet to sour. Oh i hope not. My son is great and I hope he forever stays that way.
Well.. For his bday, he wanted a sleep over, but not like girls do it. He wanted to camp outside. You know with S'mores and all.
So we BBQ'd for the parents that chose to hang out and then the boys camped out all night. We set up two tents, one for the boys and one for my hubby who had to stay outt here also. A few girls (my cousins) were around but just for the campfire, NO GIRLS ALLOWED TO SLEEP OVER.

They had a good time around the campfire. They roasted marshmellows and made a nasty mess with s'mores. (i'm not a fan of s'mores)

In Total 5 boys stayed the night. Morning came and i thought it was over. NOPE, for some reason parents thought I would keep them all day. The last kid left at 9pm. It's okay though, it was fun and my son had a great time.

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