Thursday, March 18, 2010

Potty Training

We are in the middle of potty training the our 2 year old. It is the most challenging thing as a parent so far. My oldest is 10 years old, potty training him was a breeze. I think mostly because he had fun sinking the cheerios. BOYS!!. Well now, the challenge is the girl. We've been trying since she turned 2 in September. She just wasn't having it. She would kick and scream when we pulled out the potty. According to her, it was "SCARY". So we kind of just left it alone for a little bit.
Lately I've been noticing that she could go a full day without going pee pee, but when she goes, she leaks thru and it's nasty. We have other friends who are doing the same thing we are doing. One of her friends, decided she's ready and has been using the potty for the past 2 days. I told my daughter that her friend is already doing it and she said ::"She's not scared?" So i said, NOPE, SHE'S A BIG GIRL... so she decided to give a try. I sat her down today while watching her favorite show... DORA. and she did it. She was so super excited about it. We danced and sang and gave high fives. She called daddy at work and she called her Nina (godmother). Both gave her so many praises and told her that they had a special gift got her. So now, she's been in her panties all day and says, MOMMY I GO POTTY, I GET STICKERS. Oh man, i hope this is it. I hope she will keep it up. YAY my baby girl.


  1. Wooogoo! Go Destiny! Need to try with Pen again.