Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stop Being Lazy

So today I did the most awful thing anybody can do. I kicked myself in the big ole but for it but was an eye opener. Of course, it was midday. I had already eaten breakfast and lunch so that contributed to it. LOL... HaHa, i weighed myself today. AAAAHHHHHH SCAREY !!! I kept it to myself because my hubby is sick of hearing me complain.
Well our day went on like normal. Kids fighting, Dad yelling, dogs barking and FOOTBALL.
After Ray J's football practice, he comes home and i'm told, the coach was him to start running. YESSSS, my opportunity. My poor son isn't much of a runner. He is really slow and flat foot. So I take this as an opportunity to get going and get off my fat butt and stop being lazy. We will be getting up at 6am and taking a job. Why so early, cuz this is Bakersfield and it's HOTTTT !!!!
Most people start their "diets" on Monday but not me. I'm gonna start my "get fit" program on THURSDAY. Wish me luck..
Starting weight.... HECK NO I"M NOT TELLING !!!

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