Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Working from home

I started working from home. Yes i've done those direct sales things in the past. I was a Gold Canyon Demonstrator. I wasn't happy with the commission, 25% didn't work out for me at all. I am a Passion Party consultant, I have been since August 2006. I do love it. But the downside, my calendar isn't as full as i'd like it. So i've been looking around. Something to keep me home and make some money, to help out a little.
I stumbled upon one, by pure luck really. My friend sent me a link to enter a give away. It was for a really cool bounce house. We love bounce houses so I entered of course. Well i didn't win, boooooo !!!. One of the entries said to friend them on facebook, so I did. Trying to get as many entries as I could, i really wanted this bounce house. 2 weeks after entering the giveaway this company posted that they were looking for someone to take calls for them. I responded of course. I'm good at sales, I love bounce houses, i'm a mommy and we need the money, so why not. After several interviews via email and one phone interview, I GOT THE JOB. I've been at it for 2 days now. It's so much fun. I never knew how many people were really interested in owning their own bouncer in their back yard. I love hearing about their families and how it would be so convenient. The best part so far, the goofy part on my end, I love the different accents.
Working from home is good, my babies are destroying my house while I work. LOL.

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